Since its launch in 2019, the Resilience Fund has supported over 200 projects from 149 individuals and organizations in 50 countries across the five continents. The organizations and individuals that have benefited from grants work in diverse settings affected by organized crime, all building community resilience and pushing for change at the grassroots level.

Who we support

Resilience Groups

Community resilience groups

Characterized by their direct engagement with communities, local NGOs and foundations, youth and women collectives, faith-based organizations, and other grassroots initiatives. These organizations are supported to enhance their responses to organized crime.

Counter crime advocates

Counter-crime advocates

Represented by activists, community leaders, independent journalists, human-rights defenders and violence interrupters. The Resilience Fund supports individuals in their efforts to build peaceful communities. Individuals are also supported through the Resilience Fellowship.

Journalism initiatives

Journalism initiatives

Embodying the efforts of investigative journalism to expose and investigate organized crime, the Resilience Fund supports media houses, journalism organizations and initiatives, journalism networks and independent publications.

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