Zuwara Resilience Dialogue

Save the date: 23 November 2020

Published on November 25, 2020

Since 2017, the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) has been working tirelessly to better understand the dynamics of migration and specifically of human smuggling in Libya and North Africa. The town of Zuwara has been one of the epicenters of this work, where we have been joining forces with civil society who have demonstrated remarkable responses to the tragedies surrounding migrant smuggling.

In this context, the GI-TOC is excited to announce the Zuwara Resilience Dialogue that took place on Monday 23 November. This event brought together 10 civil society members from Zuwara who shared their knowledge and experiences on building resilience networks in communities impacted by criminal governance and violence.

In Libya, Zuwara represents a unique place for intervention due to the extraordinary stand taken by communities against human smuggling over recent years, its cohesive Amazigh culture and its vibrant local civil society. The Zuwara Resilience Dialogue, delivered through the Resilience Dialogue methodology established under the Resilience Fund, was shaped as a community conversation for sharing knowledge and an opportunity for operational capacity building between civil society actors. The GI-TOC’s goal was to reignite a sense of collective purpose, to identify the challenges faced by grassroots communities and to nurture local initiatives.

Immersed in a complex and conflicting region, case studies from Zuwara can be replicated, and teach lessons to other vulnerable and fragile communities affected by organized crime.

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