Resilience Fellowship

In October 2019, the Global Initiative Against Organized Crime announced the launch of the Resilience Fellowship, an initiative aimed at building a platform for cross-sectoral, global and interdisciplinary collaboration to counter the effects of organized crime.

Each year, the Fellowship will have a chosen theme focusing on a global issue around which fellows collaborate to find new perspectives and responses, drawn from their diverse but shared experiences.

We are now delighted to present our Fellows, after the successful completion of the selection process:

2020 Fellows

Rubaya, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Benoit Kikwaya

State of Bolivar, Venezuela

Clavel Rangel

Bucharest, Romania

Ioana Bauer

Ituango, Colombia

Isabel Zuleta

Meru, Kenya

Judie Kaberia

Manila, Philippines

Mae Paner

Culiacan, Mexico

Maria Isabel Cruz

Manila, Philippines

Rafael Lerma

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Sok Phay Sean

Focusing on the 2020 Resilience Fellowship’s theme: “Disappearances Related to Organized Crime”, each of the 10 Fellows will be supported in their work with communities, be encouraged to pursue collaborative projects, and provided with mentorship, training opportunities and different international platforms for the dissemination of their work.

2021 Reslience Fellowship's theme

Extortion and organized crime

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